Just take a photo and watch your memories develop into a Polaroid right on your iPhone with ShakeItPhoto. Shake your phone just like a Polaroid to watch your image develop right before you eyes.  

[Official Authorized Polaroid Licensee]

Perfect Processing Every Time

Perfect processing makes a real Polaroid print (or photo).

Shake It Like a...

Does shaking your photo help speed up the processing time? Finally put the rumors to the test. 

Share Anywhere You Please

Instantly share your images with friends and family through any of your favorite apps including Instagram and Facebook. 

Over 350,000 downloads to date.

Get the best Polaroid app for your iPhone today and start sharing memories. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

App Store "Staff Favorite"
"Worth every penny."
"Best Fauxlaroid app i've tried."
"5 out of 5. Has quickly become one of my favorite iPhone photo apps." -

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