Home Movies Tutorial

Start and stop your way to a movie.

Home Movies is designed to be used during an event, like a soccer game or birthday party.  Like with old VHS cameras, you start recording to capture a moment, and stop recording when the moment is over. At the end of the event just tap, "MAKE MOVIE", add a title and you're done, the movie is made.

TIP:  Not too long!   Good home movies are less than two minutes.  Shoot clips that are 10-15 seconds long, this is plenty to capture a moment.

[Step 1] Launch the app, tap the record button to start your movie.


[Step 2]  shoot as many clips as you want, but just enough to capture the event.


[Step 3] The "make Movie" button combines all your clips together into a movie.

[Step 4] Add a title and tap "finish"

Delete the last clip or start a new movie